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[KNOWN ISSUE] Problems creating Routes

UPDATE FROM STRAVA: We're aware of a technical issue that may impact some Athletes who are trying to create longer routes. Sincere apologies for this issue.  Our Team is working on a fix, and we will update this thread when we have more information. ...

Wurfy by Shkhara
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Resolved! Group Challenges - end point

I'm participating in a group challenge setup through my company, but have a query regarding what constitutes the challenge being complete, e.g.Rowing target :1500km, challenge end date 12 SeptIn the above scenario, if the distance target is hit befor...

tlough by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! App notification

*First, the following screenshots are in German, hope this won't be a big issue.*When I recevie Kudos or a close friend (marked as favorit) uploads a new activity I am notified by a push nofification on my mobile.When I tap on this message I am direc...

Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-17 um 08.52.18.jpg Bildschirmfoto 2022-08-17 um 08.53.18.jpg
cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Illegal segments

Is there a way of flagging an illegal segment, e.g.Clearly states cycling forbidden,without actually riding the segment yourself illegally? I know a few illegal and dangerous to Walker segments that should be flagged but I seem to only be able to fla...

Andy1 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! button '3 more suggestion' removed atfer update

after the update from august 9th the button '3 more suggestions' is removed from the routes creator on the mobile app.why did strava removed this?Now you only get 3 options to choose out of.please bring back this button or give the user more options/...

GlennR by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Rock Climbing

When I climb at the gym, strava records elevation gain up, and down, so I always leave with zero 0ft. Is there a setting I need to change to only record what I climbed up, and not what I roped or jumped down?

Resolved! "Maybe" Option to Join an Event

Good afternoon, It would be convenient to have a "maybe" option once a Ride or an event has been created. This would benefit the group community as it would signal who will be joining a ride and who might also be interested in joining.  I appreciate ...

Resolved! Color the activity on map according to pace

Currently an activity is shown as a uniform orange line on a map. I think it could be cool/useful to color this line on the map with a color that encodes the pace at which someone moved at each point of the activity. Eg blue = slower, orange = faster...

Resolved! Fully colored in map!

I think it would be really cool to see my map with a feature to "turn on all runs" and see just how much of my area I have covered. It would encourage me to try new roads and get my town to "100% completion". Strava could even have challenges of "col...