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Resolved! Strava taking a long time to load

For about a week now Strava has been taking about 1:30 to even load the app all the way on my Pixel 6a. After a couple taps on the screen then you have to wait another 1:30 for the next screen. I only use mobile data. Before everything was fine. I've...

Josh84L by Mt. Kenya
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Strava should enable gift subscriptions again states:"For the time being, we have removed the option to gift a subscription to an athlete. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patien...

ron_anejo by Mt. Kenya
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How to find an e-bike segment by name

How do I view the details of an e-bike segment when I just have it's name?I used the 'Don't see the segment you're looking for' feature to show me other segments in the area of my E-Bike ride - this gives me the name of a segment that I want to look ...

m986 by Shkhara
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Resolved! My Gear Settings

I ride 2 Mountain Bikes but can only set one of them to default sport "Mountain Bike". The moment I try and set the other bike also to default "Mountain Bike" the first bike default is "Blanked out". Why is that?Also, for those of us who travel regul...

Resolved! Routes offline?

My “routes” continue to show that I am “offline” and won’t load anything, and won’t let me create a new route. Tried deleting the app and turning off/on phone. Suggestions?

Reduce social media friction

Very often when using Strava and linking outside in anyway it has way too much friction. 1. sample 1 -BWR announces a new segment and posts the link. Upon click of link asks me to download app. It’s already downloaded. I click get app. It redirects m...

Resolved! E-bike mileage

I'm new to this site so apologies in advance if I'm unfamiliar with itI have regular bike and e-bikes. I want both to count towards my annual goals (time and distance). I've been Googling for whether e-bike rides count, most replies suggest they do c...

doogle66 by Shkhara
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