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Resolved! Vitesse et allure / Speed and pace

Je débute sur strava et je vois, pour mes activités, l'allure (temps/km) mais je ne vois pas affiché la vitesse (km/heure). Où puis-je trouver la vitesse? Merci TRANSLATION: I'm new to Strava and I see, for my activities, the pace (time/km) but I don...

Pitote by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Activities Summary at end of year

How does the summary that is sent by email at the end of the year calculated?  Does it go from January 1st to December 31st or a different date?  Does it count in manual activities or does it only do recorded ones.

B-man by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Segments

How do you make new segments?  Can you see all of them when you are on the free mode and private?

B-man by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Rowing on Strava fails to use the data it collects

If I go on a mountain bike ride with nothing but my HRM and my Garmin, Strava gives me a ride that shows me where I went, a graph of all my HR data, and a realistic estimate of my calories burned.If I go on a hike with nothing but my iPhone to record...

frankk by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Bug: ebike rides do not contribute to personal goals

I'm using multiple bikes, includin an ebike for tracking with StravaUnfortunately the bike distance goals are either buggy or make no sense.Personal bike distance goals do not consider ebike rides. But I can't set a distance goal only for ebike rides...

Silvos01 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Mobile app route building and more

The mobile route builder is very poor quality at the moment. Not being able to choose terrain is a no-go on many road bikes. If you're touring and have no easy access to the desktop version, it's basically useless. Last time it tried to guide me up a...

stefansv by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Linking Equipment to an Activity is Too Difficult

I imagine that a large proportion of Strava users have multiple bikes for different types of rides(road, mountain, gravel, Peloton...).  Two key issues.  1) It is far too difficult to assign a particular bike to a ride.   It would of course be ideal ...

Resolved! Automatic labelling of Activities

In the spirit of making Strava even more "smart", it would be nice if we could automatically tagg certain activities based on historical ones. Eg. If I am commuting every morning / evening (Home > Work and Work > Home), the system should be able to a...

Dewa by Mt. Kenya
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