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Resolved! Flag till you die

Hello all,I'm new here and unsure if this is the right place to post my issue.  Perhaps it's been discussed before, if so : my apologies.Me and my friends are rather competitive and are the proud owners of several KOM's.  There is this guy who steals...

Beezzzt by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Segments

It would be great if the app would tell me when  a segments is starting and ending on bike rides so I can push it or try to beat the fastest. 

Resolved! Correcting Starting Point

I forgot to start my Garmin until halfway into my ride. Is there a way to correct the starting point on an in-and-out ride where the start and finish points are the same? 

HuckNo by Mt. Kenya
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Strava Live Segments on Rouvy

The introduction of Strava Live Segments to the virtual world on Rouvy is an exciting new opportunity to ride segments at any time of the day, in any weather, and from any location around the world. While only a limited number of routes on Rouvy curr...

Resolved! More features for Premium members

I was a free user for a couple years, and decided to upgrade when features were taken away from me, I am sure in an effort to convert users to pay, that makes good business sense.  After being Premium for two years, I would like to see my membership ...

Resolved! Take out file from club

Hi,I want to extract a list of all the activities that the club members have done in the last month. Is there any way to do this? When I check "recent activities" I only see the activities of the last 5 days.If I look in my own feed at everyone I fol...

Resolved! Lucy Charles / Red Bull challenge

Hi folks, I have completed the Lucy Charles/ Red bull challenge and received the emails for each part of the challenge to confirm this.   But you are also meant to get an email with a code in to complete the online form to enter the competition aspec...

Iddy by Mt. Kenya
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Please, don't be Facebook

When I first discovered Strava around 2013 I was hugely impressed, the idea of competing GPS segments was new and exciting. Had a paid subscription since. My list of of followed and followers grew over 200.  But more and more it started to itch:I do ...

JudaV by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! KOM's Gone?

Hey there, Has anyone else noticed that in their profile page, all of your KOM's are gone? But when you go to an activity with a segment that you hold the KOM on, it still shows you as the KOM holder? Activities are not reported or flagged in My Acti...

Deimus85 by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Equalled PB 1st 2nd or 3rd best and show delta

I would like an achievement flag for EQUALLED and existing achievement and a way of seeing the delta time to your overall personal PB.At the weekend I went for a fast 5km run.  I achieved 2nd best time for 5km but I can’t see what my all time 5km run...

NathanD by Shkhara
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