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Resolved! Splitting an event

Can I record several sections of a run as one event? I am planning to run to the train station, pause Strava, jump on a train, get off the train, start Strava again, run to another station, etc. Can I do this as a single event?

Resolved! Incorrect Avg Power data by e-bike rides

I think AVG POWER on Strava by my e-bike rides is not correct (today 276 W; October 23 with heart belt 259 W) - it is too high and incorrect. When I am riding on non e-bikes, my AVG POWER is 130-170 W, I am not able to make 276 W or 259 W... It seems...

Kodlti by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Affichage Pourcentage lors apres un run.

Bonjour Pouvez-vous créer svp, une fonction "" pourcentage actif "" ainsi on verrait, en analysant les données Strava quelle était le pourcentage des pentes lorsqu on déplace le curseur sur la trace du parcours réalisé 

Resolved! Getting GPX Routes from Segments

Is there still no way to export existing segments into GPX files? The only thing I could think of was creating my own route, but you can't seem to do that from existing segments. If I manually choose a start and end point, it doesn't accurately follo...

CMCan by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! I don't get the new Strava Waypoints feature.

It adds a waypoint every time I click on the map. But if I plan a route on a complicated trail network and want to get the route exactly the way I want I need to click on the map a lot. That isn't different from how the route planning worked before. ...

Resolved! (RESOLVED) Strava Split Pace and Distance is way off

Recently, I've noticed my Split Pace and distance to be very off. At first, I thought it was my Apple Watch series 6 that was providing inaccurate data.  But today I ran on the treadmill where my watch and treadmill provided consistent data at a cons...

jlruns by Mt. Kenya
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