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Resolved! Bug in list of shoes

When I added my new Saucony Endorphine Speed 3 to my list of shoes, Strava makes the s lower case. I have tried numerous different tricks to get it to make that letter upper case as it should be, but it always winds up going back to lower case!For ex...

Resolved! Slight error on the new KOM/CR table.

A recent change to user profile of the web version presents a column heading indicating "Total efforts", but the data being shown is the number of members who have traversed the segment.  As a member may cross the segment numerous times, these are tw...

Screenshot 2023-03-28 141031.png

Resolved! Hide map but leave analysis data visible

Hi. I would like to keep the analysis (altitude, speed, cadence, power and power fields) visible for an upcoming cycling activity and only turn the map (i.e. the location of the activity) invisible. Is this possible? I tried this on a test basis with...

Resolved! Problems with google play subscription

The price increase in google play cannot be confirmed. As soon as the pop-up dialog "confirm identity" appears, nothing else happens. Tried with multiple browsers (chrome, firefox, edge, opera) and devices (Windows PC and Android).

Resolved! Why the segments of MTB and eMTB not the same?

why aren't the segments of MTB and eMTB not the same? it's easy, just create 2 different rankings for each segment, one for MTB and one for eMTB. me and my friends who switched to eMTB, we realized that there are very few segments marked for eMTB, le...

Resolved! Bug report - Apple Watch Ultra?

Last January I shifted from Apple Watch 6 to Apple Watch Ultra. At the same time, I shifted from using Nike Run Club to Strava to monitor my runs. As well, I started running much more regularly on a treadmill than outdoor. After this, the VO2 max rec...