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Resolved! New map type: Support the Voice

What: A new Strava map type that any user can use, "Support the Voice" or similar nameBlack-Yellow-Red as per the colours of the Aboriginal flag in AustraliaWhy: On 14-Oct Australia votes in a referendum too grant first nations people a 'Voice to Par...

jiverach by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Erroneous notification

I received a notification "Nice Climb!" the other evening, for 280 feet of climbing, but there was no activity that would/should have generated this. I was sitting on the couch. Really oddly, the logged heart rate is dangerously high for sitting on t...

KJ by Shkhara
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Resolved! search by named gear

I'd like to be able to search my cycling activities by one of my named bikes. In other words, I'd like "named bike" to be a search filter.

Resolved! Strava volume lower than other apps in Android

I would like to increase the volume of the Strava notifications I get while running : for some weird reason, they are sensibly weaker than other notifications/vocal messages I get from other applications (like Garmin for example). I checked the setti...

tochinet by Mt. Kenya
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Stop misusing the metric system

You misue the metric system and I want you to correct your user interface language. Example Check out this post on Strava from The Strava Club. In above:k = 1000, m = metre. Don't break the metric system. You shoul...

Db by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to record inside a covered VeloDrom?

I’m a little confused. I am a longtime Strava paid subscriber but I don’t use community resources much. I recently started riding the VeloDrome in my town. On road rides I use both apple watch and wahoo element to track activity. What’s the best way ...

CMasem by Mt. Kenya
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New to Community: from Yorkshire, England!

Good morning from Yorkshire, England !  I love to Road cycle, club & solo to explore, enjoy fresh air and company. I cycle between 60-100 miles per week, whatever the weather (almost!). I also walk around London a lot as it’s quick and you get to obs...

Resolved! KOM badges by age group

Hi Guys  Would love If strava would give KOM badges by age group. I'm 60 and cycle a lot I cant get near the top but within age category I'm up there. At 60 I'm never going to beat 25 year olds but just because we are veterans dosnt mean that we are ...