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Resolved! Segment

bonsoir, j’ai remarqué sur trentaine de mes sorties que je n’étais pas classé sur certain segment effectué pendant la sortie. il y a bien mon temps sur le segment mais je n’apparais pas sur le classement …. tout en sachant que je suis en public . 

Jordan by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! annual statistics by activity type

The training calendar gives the distance travelled for each year. Is there any way you can work out your annual statistics just for one activity type, such as running?

u003f by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! How to add info on an activity

HI, I would like to add the calories and hart beet on some activities.  My fitbit is to old to be compatible with strava and I dont see how to add these info without enterring manually the activitie. Thanks

Social Features

I have some ideas that I'm considering submitting, but before I do, I thought I'd come here for a bit of a discussion. How do you view Strava? I see Strava as a "Social Platform for Fitness/Movement", where not only do we track our activities, achiev...

Resolved! Please fix the "Bulgarian" audio cues on iPhone

With the introduction of support for Bulgarian language in iOS 16, Strava application started using a strange set of audio cues. There are some Bulgarian words in it, lots of English words as well, but the pronunciation is usually wrong and based on...

tss by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! STRAVA yearly summary

Every year we are waitng for the yearly summary, aren't we? As it was rolled out a few days ago I recognized again that the numbers used in this summary aren't correct. E.g.: In my profile there are 6.270 km of total cycling distance. The summary say...

cy-linder by Pico de Orizaba
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Resolved! Virtual Ride KOM?

Does anyone know how to post a virtual ride, but not have it count towards the leader board? I did a virtual ride and got a KOM on a section of that ride.  Which doesn't feel quite fair.  Doing it inside isn't the same as being on the actual road.  

TacitusD by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Are E Bike Rides a subset of Rides in the annual summary?

The annual summary in my profile has two separate options to show E Rides and non electric Rides. If I sum both the annual kms seems high and the non E Rides in particular seem to be high. Am wondering if the E Rides are a subset of rides ie included...

jomo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Club Events Disappear

I admin clubs that hold Strava events regularly. Problem: Once an event has passed, it disappears from the club page and is no longer linked to anywhere and cannot be found (unless you jotted down the event URL before it disappeared). It would be nic...

Njord by Mt. Kenya
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