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Resolved! bug lors de l'ajout d'une activité.

bonjour je voudrais synchroniser une activité de garmin sur strava , en gpx ou tcx mais un message s'affiche au bout de quelques "secondesactivity_10282045562.gpx duplicate of activity 8369471731" Pouvez vous m'aidez a savoir d'ou vient le problème ?...

Mhéo by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! GAP paces

Can anybody tell me why my GAP paces have stopped showing on my runs. I’ve looked through settings but I can’t find an option to turn them on. Thanks in advance

Filgriff by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! vitesse moyenne en ski de fond

j'ai remarqué que strava pour l'activité ski de fond , bien que la durée et le kilométrage soient corrects calcule une moyenne fausse pour tout le monde alors que les montres, compteurs fournissent la bonne moyenne

PF by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Walk/Hike Annual targets

Is there a way of getting activities marked as walks or hikes to count towards annual target rather than having to tag them runs (very slow ones!) Any ideas welcome Mark 

Resolved! Syncing not working

Hi there I'm getting this message when syncing my activities:Detected 634 activities with missing stress scores due to lack of functional thresholds➞ Please provide your functional thresholds in dated athlete settings to cover below activities I have...


Resolved! Which Activity Types Are Separate from Cycling??

It is very confusing, if you record something as a "ride", the stats count in your totals on your profile. If you record as a Run, they show as a Run in totals, if you record as kayaking, it shows as Kayaking... But if you choose related cycling ones...

Resolved! "Run" and "Trail Run" dashboard differences

Hello, on the workout thumbnail, "Runs" show Distance, Pace, and Time whereas "Trail Runs" show Distance, Elevation Gain, and Time.  I'd like the Trail Runs to show Pace...why don't they show pace?  Or GAP?  Can you make it so that both "Runs" and "T...

ojohnson by Mt. Kenya
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Solo vs Group KoM

This been a request over many years and controversial, in a group riders can go faster and take turns to push the pace as solo riders have only themselves and their bikes.Here is the complication is it a Solo KOM when a group breaks the KOM on a time...

lopey66 by Elbrus
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Resolved! Strava segment moderation

Why there is no moderation possibility for segment creator in strava? If you create a segment, for example you create segment from your roadbike ride, and you want all efforts to be done with solo roadbike rides, soon it will be full of TT bike effor...

FelTTie by Mt. Kenya
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