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How to disable "New Post" Notification

Hi everyone, recently I started receiving notifications for any post that might appear on any of the clubs I'm member of. This is super annoying as I now get many redundant notifications daily. I don't remember having this in the past, it feels like ...


Resolved! Kudos to all in group feature wonky

Today when giving kudo to one person in a group activity, all people got kudos from me. Nver seen this before today. OK. No problem. However, when other people posted the ride later in the day, and I tried to add a kudos to them, it would show the ku...

Resolved! No contact from support

Hi I have an issue with badly incorrect data due to a heart rate strap defect. Emailed support about four days ago and no response. Is there anyone here who can help? thanks 

Rhwells by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Flyby issue

Good day, I'm having trouble seeing any flybys.  It is showing my route but no other riders.  I've been out on busy days at popular spots and a few people I've ridden recorded rides but did not show up on flybys.I checked my privacy settings and all ...

Make managing components less restrictive

It seems to me Strava invested a lot of development effort into restricting the possibilities to edit components, leading to the user being handcuffed.I simply want to maintain a list of components, the date each was added, and the date each was remo...

Resolved! Virtual walking feature

I can't find the feature suggestion board anywhere. Sorry.Suggested feature:A lot of people now own walking pads to use when working from home.When I use mine Strava thinks I have been for a run and I can't change it to walking."Virtual walking" as a...

Resolved! best efforts and flagged activities?

Has something changed recently with best efforts? I am getting 'silly' records from activities with GPS problems that I have flagged myself - these never counted before. 

elczkc by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Personal Best Efforts

Will it be possible to do the following?Personal best efforts be displayed as follow:Personal Record - all time best effortSeason Best - Summer Winter Year bestAs you get older it is becoming more and more difficult to get PB's.... Will be very nice ...

CJP by Mt. Kenya
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