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Creating routes with segments

When creating long routes 300+ km not all segments are shown. I understand the reason for this due to the huge amount of segments. But would be great if the stared segments are prioritized. Otherwise they will not be loaded as part of the route to my...

NADH by Shkhara
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Resolved! Apple Workout triggering STRAVA Beacon

Is there a way to have a STRAVA Beacon started when starting an apple activity? My Garmin Felix automatically sends a STRAVA beacon when beginning a run, so I was hoping this can work with an Apple workout as well. 

Resolved! Fitness scores make no sense.

Fitness scores no longer make any sense. My fitness score seems to be stuck on a score of about 19. That is 37% down on 2 years ago, yet 2 years ago I was suffering with complications related to covid and couldn’t walk up the stairs without having to...

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Resolved! Beating my own PRs

I love seeing that I have beaten my PRs, even if I hadn't planned to, but...Is there a way (I have looked and looked) to list all of my PRs in one place so I can choose which ones I am going to go out and beat?  I am trying to challenge myself to bea...

Resolved! Manual mode routing in-between waypoints?

Hello, the Strava map editor is getting better and better. Good work!Still one thing that grinds my gears. Can you please add the possibility to use the "Manual mode", (ie. no routing) in-between waypoints? As it is now the feature it only seems to w...

knixen by Mt. Kenya
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Resolved! Club challenges

I have my own personal account and created a club for my hockey club (on my account). How do I create challenges on the club? I only have the option to create events but we want to create challenges in order to see who ran the most and who completed ...

Resolved! Average Speed not displaying any more

Hi,  I have the free version of the app.  I prefer to see my average (AVG) speed when I walk/run/faint.  Until today, as shown above,  the app would display my "AVG SPEED" (just above 3.6) while I walked.  I try to maintain this speed.  Today, as sh...

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