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Resolved! Couple of features I miss on the heatmap

I just switched from Suunto, and I miss the function that you can see everyones heatmaps. Meaning that you can always discover popular routes in an area. It would also be nice if you can click on the individual track of your personal heatmap to see t...

stigja by Shkhara
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Where hyperlinks work

When viewing on a web browser, a hyperlink currently works if placed in the activity description, but not in a comment. For the android app, the opposite - it works only in the comments.

Resolved! What is Strava's 'Training Impulse'?

What exactly is Strava's 'Training Impulse'? It is  ONLY shown when you hover over a particular ride in the 'Fitness and Freshness' curve, but the term is not defined in the Strava glossary (as far as I can find) and -of course- its not  'Training Lo...

Resolved! Activity Title Question

Wanted to see if I get help with an activity title issue.I'm trying to see if it's possible to not have my ride location automatically show up in the title of my ride. I will get something like "San Antonio, Texas morning ride", when all I used to ge...

garysatx by Mt. Kenya
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Calculating TSS

Hi Strava and Strava Users,I can't seem to find the TSS calculated anywhere in my data. I do find that a little bit weird as it is pretty straigth forward calculation so it would be nice to have that included.I have found Strava a Strava TSS Calculat...

Resolved! Requesting dataset from a published paper

Hi, I am a PhD student at the ECE department at Portland State University. I have been working on a Pace-Prediction problem for distance running. I recently came across this paper  Estimating the cost of training disruptions on marathon performanceht...